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Helena Deren Ghost was born in 1846 in Cardiff as Helena Deren Verlious. She was the daughter of a nobleman and a young runaway. When her family found out about her mother's true heritage they came to despise her. This made it so that she had to endure many trials and tribulations in her younger life. Ultimatley she became a very strong willed young woman.

She was born just before the start of the suffrage movement and became involved in it from a very young age. At age twenty five she married Henry Markot Ghost, who was one of a few men who did in fact support the suffrage movement. Because her family had discovered her mother's heritage, she was left without a penny to her name but her husband Henry quickly restored the family fortune.

At age thirty one she gave birth to a boy by the name of Lucian Valentine Ghost. Raising her child to believe in anything he wanted, she made sure that he had a good education. However at age thirty eight she died, having supposedly comitted suicide shortly after her husband's assasination. She jumped from the top of Big Ben in 1884. The papers reported that is is speculated that she comitted suicide due to grief after her husband's assasination, however many theorize that she was actually pushed while attempting to protest from the great London Clock Tower.

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